The farm is located in an ecologically clean district of Kiev region – Usovka, Zgurovsky area. Owner - Tsvyk Vasili Viktorovich. The farm contains 300 milking animals Saanen and Alpine goat breeds; average yield is 3.9 liters per head. Total farm is 970 goats. The processing plant facilities designed for 7.5 tons of milk per day. By 2019 it is planned to keep 2500 goats with a daily production of 7.5 tons of milk.

Equipment used on the farm:

  • Milking parlor parallel type P300SG 2x18;
  • Milk-cooling tanks DXO 1850;
  • Drinking bowl for goats C5;
  • Circulating Water Heater DWH-200;
  • Ventilation panel VPT;
  • Climate controller BSC;
  • Ventilation chimneys C1 915;
  • Lamps FL250F;
  • DeLaval lamb and kid feeder LKF1200.