Breeding plant status, black-motley Holstein breed.

The leading farm of the Ryazan region on the milk yield per 1 animal.

Two animal housing systems on the farm:

1. Tied-up – 1,200 cows (6 * 200). First barn was open in summer 2013. 2014 - 3 reconstructed barns, 2015 - 2 barns and 2016 - maternity barn with MU450 milking units.

2. Loose housing. New construction robotic barn for 350 cows with 6 DeLaval VMS milking robots. The barn started in 2015.

The uniqueness of the complex is the combination of two systems: robotic and tied-up under one DelPro herd management program.

The total area of agricultural lands is more than 7,000 hectares, of which arable land - about 6 thousand hectares. The livestock of cattle is more than 3,000 animals, including about 1,500 cows.

DeLaval equipment on the farm:

  • DeLaval milk line with MU480 milking units operated by DelPro herd management program with automated concentrates distribution;
  • 6 DeLaval VMS milking robots;
  • Milk cooling tanks;
  • Manure handling system;
  • Ventilation panels;
  • Puzzle rubber coverage in the alleys;
  • Cow mattresses in the cow beds.